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Nicola Taggart is a work/life “blend” strategist, speaker and coach. She is on a mission to awaken, inspire and lead people to take ownership of their life, their choices and their happiness; to inspire them to slow down and stop the insanity of over-committing, over-scheduling and over-achieving, which leads to a perpetual state of over-whelm.

Nicola is not interested in helping people get more business or take on more responsibility. Instead, she encourages her audiences and clients to choose a more centered, civilized and conscious approach to leading and living their lives—a way that will ultimately help them feel happier, healthier, as well as more present, powerful and productive.

Nicola’s clients have often achieved business and career success from an outside perspective, but internally they are not feeling successful and deep down they want more. They want more time to think, more time to play, more time to proactively lead (personally and professionally) and more time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

A bit of my story…

Just like so many of you, I am a woman juggling many tasks, wearing many hats and managing a very full plate. I am married to an amazing man who really should be teaching other men how to be fully engaged and present husbands and fathers (if more partners were like him, there would be many more happier and healtier marriages in this world.)

My first introduction into parenthood was when I became a step-mother to a wonderful girl, who has made this unique role even that much easier by her love and acceptance of me. We added two more children to the mix and now find our family complete (and very full) with three active kids.

I have always been a personal and professional development junkie. If there was a book on self-growth, relationships, leadership or human potential, I was reading it (or at least buying it). Following my high school principal’s suggestion, I studied public relations & communications at the University of Oregon. I learned after graduating and working within the field of public relations that what I really loved was less about the “public” and more about the “people.”

More importantly, it was about the relationships that people have, both with themselves and with others that became my passion. This epiphany led me to a great opportunity to tackle human resources and management for a national non-profit patient advocacy organization. It was during this time that I learned about one of my true gifts and loves: coaching and teaching people in the areas of communication, relationships and leadership.

I also realized that the professional success of each person, whether a leader or not, was directly related to their ability to embrace their own personal discovery and evolution. The more grounded people became on the inside and the better able they were to manage their relationships on the outside, the greater success they experienced at work and at home.

I had always known that one day I wanted to be my own boss and start my own business. When the opportunity arose for a career transition in my life, I went through a coaching certification program, and my coaching business was born. Over the past ten years I have learned a great deal about myself and about the desire of so many people to achieve success, but in a way that allows them to live happier, healthier, more peaceful lives.

I love sharing the “secret sauce” for blending the best of both worlds, so that people can enjoy living a successful and satisfying professional life AND a fun and fulfilling personal life, while having the time and energy to enjoy it all!

Certifications include: Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance, Certified Dream Coach and Certified Opposite Strengths Executive Coach.

Training includes: Relationship coaching through the Relationship Coaching Institute, group coaching, coaching emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and behavioral interviewing.

Natural gifts include: Reading between the lines; listening for what has heart and meaning; knowing compassionate, yet effective ways to have the uncomfortable conversations; understanding and navigating the nuances of human relationships; ability to make people feel comfortable to open up and share about themselves; ability to see the big picture and then create the steps to get there; and a sense of humor.

Professional experience includes: Public relations, event and meeting planning, patient education program development, physician and nurse relationship management, employee relations, team retreat facilitation, organizational development and planning.

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