Free Weekly Calm the Chaos Kick-off Calls

  • Are you a busy professional, wife, mother??
  • Do you want to feel more focused, grounded, intentional and present throughout your days?
  • Do you struggle with making time for regular, consistent calming exercises like mediation, deep breathing, gratitude practice? 
  • Do you know deep down that taking the time to get quiet, turn inward and take some deep breaths is just what you need to feel more grounded and less scattered, but just haven’t been making the time to do it?
  • Would you benefit from a weekly structured time and space to get out of your head, connect to your heart and listen to your soul?

Join me each Monday for a free Calm the Chaos Kick-off call to start your week more clear, grounded, present and intentional.

A Gift for You!

What: Weekly Calm the Chaos Kick-Off Calls with Nicola Taggart
When: Every Monday (starting March 3) at 9:30 am PT/12:30 pm ET
Where: via private conference line (register below to receive access)
Cost: a gift from me to you (aka: free!!)

Click Here: Register  for FREE Weekly Calm the Chaos Kick-off Calls*

*Register now and attend the calls when you can. Although I encourage you to make the time each week, once you have the access number, these calls are available to you as often as you can make it.


Why am I offering this gift?

Because I realized that if I struggled with making regular, consistent time to tune out distractions and tune into my intuition/soul/higher self/God/Universe, then other busy women must be also.

The purpose of these weekly calls is to provide you with the support and structure to get grounded and intentional about your week ahead.

I know how it goes: I want to integrate more spiritual practices of mindfulness, meditation and gratitude into my life so that I can live from a more present, positive, productive and powerful place, but it can be hard to work the time into my already busy schedule.

But the truth is that I *do* have the time; it’s just a matter of carving out that time and space to do it. And when I do actually do it, I feel so much better—so much more grounded, clearer and empowered in my day and throughout my week.

And I want you to experience this as well. It doesn’t have to take long. In fact, these calls will only be 15 minutes max. I am offering these calls as a gift to you. Now give yourself a gift by registering today for these weekly 15 minute calls to quiet your mind, take some deep breaths and set the intention for a smooth and calm week.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you signup below with your name and email, you will receive an email with our dedicated Calm the Chaos call conference line phone number and access code (it will be the same every week).
  2. Each Monday you find a private, quite location. I suggest you get yourself situated a few minutes early, turn off other distractions, get comfortable and call in by 9:30 am PT/12:30 pm ET.
  3. During the short 15 minute call, I will guide you through a process to tune out distractions, tune into your heart and turn up your dial for clarity, calm and connection to yourself and higher power. We will focus on gratitude and appreciation, declaring how you want to feel and setting an intention for the week.
  4. Immediately after the call, I encourage you to take an additional 10-15 minutes to put in writing how you will incorporate your clarity, calm and connection throughout the rest of the week. Whether that’s journaling about what came up for you or scheduling in the choices you will make each day that week to align with your intention, this is the time for you to put some additional structure around keeping the calm amongst the chaos on a daily basis.

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Free Webinar Recording: A New Approach to Work/Life Balance


If you want learn a new approach to work/life balance—how to create a new vision of “having it all” that you could actually enjoy and feel good about—then this is a webinar for you!

During this webinar you will learn:


  • The 7 “secret ingredients” necessary to successfully blend the Best of Both Worlds
  • Which of the ingredients you must always start with to really achieve “having it all”
  • Where most women get off track and why they feel so overwhelmed and unhappy
  • The best first step to calming the chaos in your own life so that you can start to feel better
  • Which of the 7 ingredients are most getting in your way from having it all in a way that feels good to you


To recieve free recording: Click Here

Over the past 10 years I have been interviewing, talking with and coaching many women who are in the midst of blending a career with raising kids. The one thing that all of these women have in common: a deep desire to do well in all areas of their lives.

Unfortunately, most of the women I have talked with do not feel that they are achieving this goal. They struggle to feel as successful professionally as they did before they had kids or they feel guilt around not being more available for their children. Add to that frustration, sadness and resentment that they don’t have time any more for their spouse/partner or themselves, and it’s clear we’ve got a generation of competent, driven, conscious women who are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and inept in one or more areas of their lives.

The good news is that there are some women who do self-describe as having “the best of both worlds”. Essentially, they have found a way to have a satisfying and successful professional life AND a fun and fulfilling personal life—they have figured out how to have it all on their own terms…and enjoy what they have.

Through my own experience and from interviewing women who feel that they are living the best of both worlds themselves, I’ve been able to identify seven key “ingredients” that all of them have in common, and I want to share them with you!

I am excited to share with you during this special webinar what I have learned because I am on a mission to help professional women with young kids reclaim their lives so that they look back on this time as one they feel great about, they feel proud about, and which they can actually remember because they were present, grounded, happy and fulfilled.

To recieve free recording: Click Here


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