I’m enjoying some time onsite this week with a group of emerging leaders. And I am so impressed. Their insight into the tricky sources of pressure gave me some great info to share with you today.

How often do we blame extra work, stress, and tension on external pressures? It seems like our default for most situations, right? But what if that pressure is internal?

First of all, internal pressure isn’t necessarily bad—that’s what motivates and keeps us moving forward. But like anything else, too much internal pressure (especially applied in the wrong ways) leads us to feel stressed out and unhappy.

Often this negative internal pressure comes from a place of fear:

  • fear that you need to be perfect,pressure
  • fear that you need to have control, or
  • fear that what you’ve already done isn’t enough.

This is stress we add to our own lives, we dictate it.

So, what I want you to do is to think about the times you feel really stressed (maybe like right now) and ask yourself:

  • Are all of these things on my plate really coming from external forces that I can’t control?
  • And if so, what conversations do I need to have, with which people, to help diminish some of that pressure?
  • Or is some (or all) of the stress coming from myself? (Stress to have it perfect because you’ve got really high expectations, or you’re not saying no to something you want to, or you just want to be in control?)

Really check in with yourself and find out where that stress is coming from. When you take the time to do this, you can begin to shift your situation and start calming the chaos, from the inside out!

Need help figuring out where your pressure is coming from or what to do about it? Want some insight into calming your own chaos? Contact me and find out how I can help you set and achieve your goal in living a smoother, more sustainable and successful life.