It can be really hard to get what it is you want from your personal or professional life if you just don’t know what you’re after. And if you’re working to get what everyone else wants because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do, you’re in trouble too. (And you should definitely read this.)

I recently have been working with a client who kept getting hung up on the same issue week after week. She was really having trouble in a certain area and just couldn’t seem to get any momentum because she kept saying that she didn’t know what she wanted.

So if you’re stuck like her, check out the steps we walked through to help her get moving from “not knowing” to creating a clear vision of what she wanted in terms of the next stage of her career (note: it works for any area of your life).

Ask yourself: Am I stuck here because I really don’t know what I want, or is the issue that I do know what I want on some level, but am actually afraid to say it because I don’t think it’s even possible?

Regardless of your answer, it’s time to dig a little deeper. So take a few breaths, and gather a pen and paper. Your assignment is to do very little thinking, silence the “gremlins” and tap into the feeling of this exercise. Just let the answers come without self-censoring.

Here’s your prompt: Imagine that ANYTHING is possible. You are one year in the future and this area or issue is now PERFECT–it’s just the way you’d want it (or even better). What would that look like to make it so ideal? What would be different? What would be the same? What would you be feeling? 

As you start to write down your answers, you are now creating your Order to the Universe, so remember to:

  • Keep it positive.
  • Be specific.
  • Don’t get hung up on details you don’t know or HOW any of it will happen.

Do you need help getting unstuck? Need someone to help you “untangle” everything bouncing around in your heart and head? Please get in touch with me, I’d love to be your sounding board and help you finish your Order of the Universe!