Let’s all rethink the idea of “having it all”. Starting at a young age, we have been led to believe that the definition of success is indeed “having it all.”

But what does “having it all” really mean? What is “all”?

Sure, many of us successfully obtain the job, advance in their career, get married, have kids, buy the house, the car, the stuff, and yet we still don’t feel overall success and satisfaction in every area of our lives. (For more on this topic, see my post Your Purpose is Not Your Profession.)

Why is this?

Because we confuse “having it all” with:

  • doing it all,
  • being it all,
  • achieving it all,
  • buying it all

and doing it:

  • all at 100%,
  • all by themselves.

Unfortunately, operating from this definition of “having it all” ends up looking (and feeling) like:

  • overwhelm
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • frustration
  • exhaustion
  • resentfulness

And when we’re feeling any or all of these things, it negatively impacts our health, family, friends, colleagues, clients and community.

When I look back, I cringe a bit thinking about how my own dissatisfaction, resentment, and confusion impacted the energy, attitude, and experience of those around me, not to mention my own health and well-being!

I definitely did not “have it all.”

having it all

It’s time to redefine “having it all” as living in alignment with one’s values, priorities, purpose and passions.

Once you embrace the idea that “having it all” means having, being and doing those things that fill you up, make you happy, bring you enjoyment, keep you connected to who and what’s important, and support your overall health and happiness, your life — and the lives of those around you — will change. I guess the trick now is to really find out what’s out there that brings you joy and happiness, so you can align your time and priorities accordingly.

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