Everybody is struggling with work/life balance. Or at least, everyone thinks they are. It is a battle to hit that perfect balance—since it’s always a moving target. But not only have we convinced ourselves that balance exists, we insist that people around us have found that balance and that we must be doing something wrong.

This issue here is NOT a magic pill to find that balance, it’s actually letting the idea of work/life balance go. It’s not realistic; so let’s consider instead finding and embracing your own, unique full-life blend.

To approach this blend, let’s use a metaphor: smoothies. Smoothies are a hot topic these days, so we’ll run with it. When it comes to making a smoothie, you have several choices: make what you think you need nutritionally, make what you want that’s tastes good, or a blend of both. When we really get into trouble is when we make a smoothie based on someone else’s recipe without regard to our own needs or wants. Putting ingredients into our smoothies based on what other people want or need may result in something we may not want to drink.

The answer to the smoothie dilemma is this: make a smoothie that includes both what you want, and a little of what you need. See how this applies to life yet? Chuck the old idea of having a balance and picture your life as a blender, a container. Fill that time with what you want and some of those things you don’t necessarily want to do, but need to do (like laundry or dishes). This ensure you’ll have the unique full-life blend that will fill you up and give you the happy, healthy life you want.

Remember that your blend looks different from mine, and different from those around us. Not only that, but the blends can be flexible from day to day, week to week. You can make your smoothie every single day in a different mix.

Want more information? Check out my Best of Both Worlds Guide and learn the seven ingredients you need to make your life blend work.