Inspiration for my blogs seems to strike me in lots of places—some more obvious than others. But in this case, I was visiting a butterfly exhibit in Rochester, NY and had kind of an “aha” moment to share with you. So today we’re going to talk about giving ourselves time for our minds to catch up with our souls, or vice versa—using butterflies.

photo-1460400213328-a214131cb764As I toured the butterfly exhibit, I was amazed to see the different stages of the chrysalises in their own case. It seemed there were dozens of butterflies in all different stages from new chrysalis to a number of emerged butterflies along the bottom of the exhibit. These butterflies, though finished with their metamorphoses, were’t quite ready to be released into the butterfly enclosure. When I asked our tour guide about these butterflies, she explained that even though they are out of their cocoons, they need some time before they are ready to fly. Their wings and antennae need to unroll and stretch out, and their new wings are wet and need time to dry.

This is what got me thinking. I have had a number of conversations with clients about giving ourselves permission and embracing that we need time—emotionally, mentally, spiritually—to feel ready for something. Maybe our soul has spoken up and is ready to make a change or move on from a situation (job, relationship), or maybe we’ve just completed something that took a lot of time or energy and we feel we should be moving on to the next thing, but we lack energy or inspiration. That is actually okay, that is a part of the process of transformation for us. Sometimes we really need space to pause and allow our situation to align with our soul.

We live in a society where we believe we always need to be ready to move on to the next thing, that once we’ve made a decision that it’s time to act. But, just like the butterflies, sometimes we need to take a moment to pause. Between decision and action, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes on how we process, adjust, and prepare to move forward. We need to get used to allowing ourselves that time.

Today I want to challenge you to be conscious of the times in your life when you need that pause. Be patient, and trust that the alignment between your soul and your situation will happen. And time is a necessary part of that process.

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