I have been encountering more young people (college age or early career) who are feeling put off by the idea of giving everything they have to a job or career they’ve worked so hard to achieve. The level of work they’ve put in isn’t something they want to maintain for the next 40 years—they’re looking forward to enjoying other things like marriages, families, travel. They think something is wrong with them, that they’ve spent years studying and climbing the ladder only to find out they aren’t passionate about it. And it’s not just young people! Many professionals I work with are running into the same frustration.

The issue isn’t the people or their career choice. For many of us, it’s a paradigm shift: your purpose is not your profession. We are lying to ourselves and generations after us if we believe we have to pick one thing and stick with it. Life is not a multiple choice or true/false question—this is an open-ended essay that has no word limit.

Rather, your purpose is to fully experience life. When you commit to finding “the thing” you are limiting yourself and setting yourself up for frustration and disillusionment. You should be in curiosity mode all the time. Keep yourself open to new experiences, look for joy, find what makes you happy. Listen to others when they talk about how their life has changed and evolved. The path they took may not be as linear as you think! If you stay open and willing to experience life, you’ll find new things and ways to integrate joy and satisfaction into your day to day.

It’s time to think about your purpose in life beyond your profession. Stop trying to find the one end all and be all for your life. Instead, embrace your purpose as something you get to show up and experience fully, both personally and professionally. Let the path of what fills you up, brings you joy, and and lights your life unfold in front of you. See where that takes you.

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