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Nicola is on a mission to awaken and inspire people to create, have, and enjoy a magical blend of a successful and satisfying professional life with a fun and fulfilling personal life. She speaks to audiences of all sizes about the myth of work/life balance and the truth about having it all. Book Nicola to speak to your group or at your conference on the following topics: Blending the Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Work/Life Balance How to “have it all” in a way that allows you to feel successful, satisfied and sane! What is the Best of Both Worlds? A satisfying and successful professional life and a fun and fulfilling personal life. Is this possible? You bet! And Nicola is eager and excited to share with busy professionals how it can be done. Every day people are struggling to juggle the demands of their career and kids (and everything in-between). There is a deep desire by many to achieve work/life balance (everyone wants it, but few actually have it). In this engaging talk, Nicola uses wisdom and wit to share a unique approach to looking at work/life balance, which is based on 10 years of coaching, interviewing and speaking with busy professionals who have struggled to achieve the magical and mysterious balance, as well as those who have found a way to “have it all”—on their own terms. Nicola offers four unique presentation options: – 1-hour key-note, – 4-hour workshop, – 8-hour boot camp – Customized presentation/workshop Participants will learn:

  • The 7 “secret ingredients” necessary to successfully blend the best of both worlds
  • Which of these you must always start with to really achieve “having it all”
  • Where most people get off track and why they feel so overwhelmed and unhappy
  • The best first step to calming the chaos so that they can start to feel better
  • Which “ingredient” is most getting in their way from having it all in a way that feels good

What others are saying about Nicola’s speaking and programs:

Nicola’s presentation exceeded my expectations! She captivated the audience with her authenticity immediately, was extremely well organized, and delivered valuable information with engaging visuals and stories. The audience left the program inspired to live a life by design and not default. Well done! – Bea M.

Nicola is a phenomenal speaker with tremendous insight on what it means to be fulfilled personally and professionally. Drawing on both her own experience as a wife, mother and business woman, as well as stories from others, she shares her wisdom with honesty and humor and asks thought-provoking questions that help her audience get clear about what’s most important to them, what they really want and how to put that into action. – Kendra R.

Hearing Nicola speak was just the boost I needed. She is so wise and gathered the information in such an elegant way that makes it seem so ‘doable’! I am eager to go deeper into what she has shared. – Tina O.

The things that challenge me the most being a working mom aren’t unique, but the way Nicola lays out these problems and makes me aware of how I keep choosing the same things that make me over-committed and stressed out is unlike anything I’ve heard before. Lightbulb! She gets it. Her style of presenting her thoughts is so powerful! But instead of “rah, rah, you can do it,” Nicola offers straight-talk how-to with a friendly style that makes me feel like she’s one of my longtime girlfriends. I want every single one of my friends to hear her speak. – Lara G.

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